Hundreds protest Obama's immigration policy in South Texas


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Buses from throughout Texas gradually delivered protestors to this community 75 miles south of San Antonio, where the American government in recent months opened a large camp to hold immigrant women and their children as they navigate the immigration processing system.

More than 500 protestors were to march from a park in downtown Dilley 2 miles to the Dilley Family Residential Center, a detention center operated for the Homeland Security Department and which can hold up to 2000 people.

Guards affiliated with the detention center kept a watchful eye Saturday morning at the facility as a sea of people nearly 2 miles away holding signs of many colors called for an end to the jailing of immigrant families, and deportations.

The organizers called for the closing of the detention center in Dilley and another smaller one in Karbes City.

"We are here so that our voices are heard," said Ramona Casas, director of ARISE in the Rio Grande Valley. "Let's end family detention."

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