May Day 2016 - Rally for Rights and Justice


International Workers Day, May Day, is May 1! May Day has become a rallying point for many issues in immigrant communities, especially since 2006, when millions of immigrant workers, families and allies marched and rallied in cities throughout the country against the anti-immigrant Sensenbrenner bill and for legalization. It is celebrated around the world as International Workers' Day, and a rallying point for the many significant issues of the day for immigrants and other workers. It is useful to remind ourselves of the historic origins of the day--rooted in the trials and struggles of immigrant and non-immigrant workers in the U.S. for the 8-hour work day and other rights. (Artwork by Ricardo Levins Morales)

This year, May Day is no less significant. With immigration reform at a distance and the debate over immigration policy still center stage in the presidential election campaigns, the immigrant rights movement has projected several major issues to the forefront:

  • End detentions and deportations
  • No more migrant deaths and human rights at borders
  • Stop the hate, fight racism and xenophobia
  • Temporary protected status for Central American refugees
  • Implement DAPA and DACA+
  • Fix (or 'nix') '96

What an agenda! And not to mention adressing 'root causes', empowerment, and an escalating international migrants' rights agenda--but more on that in our next update!

May Day 2016: Update from Arizona

In 2010, many eyes on May Day were focused on Arizona, where the notorious anti-immigrant bill, SB1070, propelled the fight in that state to the national stage. Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! recently interviewed Isabel Garcia about the ramifications of SB1070, more anti-immigrant legislation in that state, particularly in light of fear-laced rhetoric in the presidential campaign. Isabel is co-chair of Coalicion de Derechos Humanos in Tucson and a member of NNIRR's Board of Directors. Listen to the interview here.

Human Rights for All Migrant Workers & Their Families!

Together with our allies in the international migrant rights movement, the National Network has supported and advocated for universal ratification of the UN's International Convention for the Protection of Rights of All MIgrant Workers and Members of Their Families, or Migrant Workers' Convention. On International Workers' Day, please join us in showing your support for the US to commit to ratification. Learn more about the convention and sign the online pledge of support: individual endorsers click here. Organizational endorsers, click here.

Resources for May Day Actions (and beyond)

Check out the "Until We Are All Free" Art Kit, a free resource you can use for May Day actions from CultureStrike and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote. Includes poster stencils, banner templates and "how to" videos. (Art at left by Jess X Chen)





Mamas Day '16 - Send a message to moms in detention

As you know, thousands of immigrant women have been detained and deported. Many have died making dangerous border crossings. Today, thousands of immigrant mothers remain in detention, having braved crossing borders without the benefit of immigration documents, to bring their children to safety.

You can send them a message on this Mother's Daythrough this unique project from Presente.Org, CultureStrike and Strong Families. Click here to select a card and write a message to a mom in detention. The card will be delivered in time for Mother's Day. 

2016: A Big Anniversary Year

Many folks have noted that 2016 is an "anniversary" year:

2006: 10 years ago, the year of the massive immigrant marches and rallies.

1996: 20 years ago, the year of IIRIRA - the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility" (and focus of renewed Fix '96 efforts).

1986: 30 years ago, was also a significant year, with the passage of the last major immigration reform bill--IRCA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which included not only the last legalization program, but employer sanctions, setting up the "criminalization" of undocumented workers.

1986 was also the year that the National Network was founded! 

Help us to get a head start on our 30th birthday celebration with a generous donation! (We promise keep you posted on party plans!) Thanks for your continuing support.