Action Alert: Support TPS for Filipinos in the U.S.


Impact of Typhoon Haiyan Persists

Friends, before you leave for the holidays, please take a moment to add your support for TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for undocumented Filipino nationals currently living in the U.S.

Organizations may go here to read the sign-on letter and add your endorsement information.

Individuals, please sign-on here to a petition. We are looking to collect all signatures here by this Friday, Dec. 20 in advance of a delivery of the letter to the White House and to the Department of Homeland Security on Monday.

As you know, the monster Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines last month wreaked damage over a wide area of the country, leaving more than 6,000 people dead, some 1.9 homeless and more than 600,00 displaced. The infrastructure damage and recovery cost are enormous and longterm. (We previously commented on the role that climate change played in this disaster.)

The Philippine government recently made its request to the U.S. for TPS for Filipino nationals here, and a coalition of community, legal and allied groups has stepped up its support. As you may know, TPS is a temporary form of humanitarian assistance and has been provided for certain populations here when their home countries face a state of emergency (like the massive earthquake in Haiti), which makes it nearly impossible to "re-absorb" those who might be deported back. TPS would ensure that undocumented FIlipino nationals would be protected from deportation and could have work authorization so that they could work and take care of survival needs here.

Your support is urgently needed! We all hope for TPS to be granted before the end of the year.

Organizational endorsers click here.

Individuals, please add your name here.

Thank you for your support!