We Rise Up for Immigrant and Refugee Justice


NNIRR Stands Firm in its Commitment

to Rights and Justice for ALL Immigrants and Refugees

Today Donald Trump signed two mean-spirited executive orders on immigration and used the opportunity to further denigrate immigrants and to cater to unfounded fears over national security and immigrant "criminality".

NNIRR opposes these guidelines and proposals which are focused on border security, immigration enforcement and so-called "public safety". We will continue to work with our members, friends and allies to ensure that human rights, safety, and justice for all immigrants and refugees are upheld.

As we have for the last 30 years, we will resist immigration injustice and any form of a Muslim "registry"; demand fair and just immigration policies and an end to detentions and deportations  -- and yes -- a rollback of militarization of the border! 

As promised, President Trump called for the immediate construction of the border wall, an expansion of immigrant detention, reinstatement of the Secure Communities program and increases in Border Patrol and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents. The order also includes his plan to remove federal funding from "sanctuary cities" -- a threat to those jurisdictions that have decided not to use their local resources towards federal immigration enforcement, and that are committed to building safe and trusting communities. Trump also wants to dramatically increase deportations of immigrants from both border and interior regions, and we can expect that his plans will result in more of the racial profiling, human rights violations, increased deaths and disappearances along the border, immigration raids, denial of due process and so many other injustices that have impacted immigrant communities over the decades.

We are also deeply concerned about proposed major changes to U.S. refugee programs and processing. Trump proposes to suspend refugee admissions for 120 days, bar refugees from Syria, halt the issuing of visas to people from some Muslim-majority countries, and more. These shameful proposals undermine U.S. commitments to provide protection and humanitarian support to refugees and asylum seekers and fly in the face of the global migration and refugee crisis, where many other countries and regions have shouldered the responsibility to extend support and protection to those fleeing for their lives.

Trump's proposals are utterly unacceptable. These orders deepen the divisions in our society, whip up xenophobia, cause harm to millions of families--and do nothing to alleviate the real pressures that drive people to migrate for safety and survival.



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Tell President Trump that you oppose these executive orders, and that immigrants and refugees are welcome here!

Texts of Executive Orders:

Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States

Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

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