NNIRR Commentary - Obama’s Executive Action Is a Historic Step – But We Need Fairness and Justice for All

Stop Detentions and Deportations, Roll Back Militarization of the Border Read more >

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Here's to Justice in 2013

As we close out 2012, we ask that you join NNIRR in making 2013 a banner year for immigrant justice -- a year in which the rights of immigrants grow and are validated in fair, genuine, humane immigration reforms. Read more >

Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Arizona's racial profiling, anti-immigrant law SB 1070 on April 25, 2012 and is expected to make a decision mid-late June about whether or not it will uphold the four key provisions of the law that were blocked by the lower courts.  Read more >

Community Victory! Mark Gomes freed from ICE detention, reunited with family

At 10:30am on Friday, February 3rd, I got a call from a colleague with news that Mark Gomes, a Bangladeshi man who was detained in Georgia, had been released from ICE custody and was on his way home to his family in North Carolina.  Read more >

A Culture of Cruelty

From our friends at No More Deaths (Tucson, AZ)
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On the 10th Anniversary of 9/11...

Migrant Trail 2011: Why We Walk

End S-COMM: The first step to restoring our rights & getting accountability

When our communities demand public safety and full righ

Community's Urgent Response Action Stopped ICE from Deporting Youth

NNIRR’s urgent response calls had a double impact: Read more >

English Version of Ningún Ser Humano es Ilegal La criminalización de la inmigración

ste es uno de los tantos testimonios que escucho permanentemente de inmigrantes residentes del Valle [Central de California] como parte de mis responsabilidades al frente de los programas de Migración y Movilidad Humana del Comité de Servicios de los Amigos Americanos (AFSC) en esta zona.Y nos dicen que migrar no es una elección, es una necesidad.Migrar para trabajar, sea dentro o fuera de los límites de un país, es parte de una situación socioeconómica que prevalece desde hace siglos y que provee mano de obra barata, algo imprescindible para el desarrollo económico de ciertas áreas. Read more >