Calling for #JustBorders Here & Around the Globe


Over the next few years, NNIRR is committing to lift up the migration situation at borders, beginning with spotlighting the conditions and enforcement practices at U.S. borders, and calling for recognition and adherence to human rights protections and standards, here and at all international borders, along with our global partners.

Right now, and in the years to come, we mustinsist that international borders cannot be "zones of exclusion" when it comes to human rights. There is a long road ahead for policy change, and that which addresses the "root causes" of all kinds of forced migration. As people attempt to cross borders in search of safety and survival, we must be about protecting rights, ensuring safe passage, and saving lives. 

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The pre-election season has been shrill with attacks on immigrants and pushback on immigration reforms. With or without Donald Trump, the "winning" narrative for the right wing is the a dehumanizing and criminalizing of immigrants, regurgitating old sound-bites to "keep illegals out" and "seal the border," not to mention proposals to end birthright citizenship, which more than one presidential hopeful is supporting.

On top of the Trump, et al., insanity of the past month is the very real backdrop of the thousands of migranst and refugees who continue to lose their lives, on a daily basis, along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Mediterranean Sea, and in the course of long treks through Europe towards a safe haven.

Solutions to the so-called "migration crisis" are long overdue, and in fact, most government policies and practices not only fuel unsafe migration, as we are witnessing, but are increasing repressive enforcement measures and refusing to embrace basic humanitarian support for displaced migrants and refugees. Just as community activists have set up water stations at the U.S.-Mexico border to provide some respite for migrants who can die from the heat and dehydration, people in many European cities have set up ad hoc rescue stations, just as their governments quibble over refugee quotas.

Human Rights, Safety and Dignity for All Migrants and Refugees

NNIRR will continue to organize with global partners to advocate for protections at borders and for durable solutions to the "crisis of migration." Join us to increase nationwide attention, here in the U.S., to the voices of border communities living the daily reality of enforcement, violence, racial profiling and an unprecedented rise in migrant deaths. Let's change the border story! We all need to stand for human rights and protections of migrants and border communities in the fight for immigration reforms--or in the presidential policy debate.

This summer, the NNIRR Board visited the South Texas border to consult with local partners about our Just Borders initiative. When our van got stuck in the sand visiting water stations, Board member Monica Hernandezreflected, "We had plenty of water and a van to sit in. Nothing compared to the harrowing journey of migrants walking 20-30 miles through the thick brush along that road, hiding from the Border Patrol, at the mercy of traffickers, dehydrated. Migrants like Hilda, whom I met yesterday at the Karnes Detention Center, and who came to the U.S. to escape family violence and to provide her son with a better/different future. Those of us fighting the enforcement regime in the interior of the country cannot, MUST NOT be silent or complacent about the violent enforcement regime at the border."

For more commentary from the Board's visit to South Texas, see our Border Tour Blog here.

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As we unfold the various features of Just Borders, including an upcoming petition in support of human rights at international borders, we ask for your support. We'll be releasing a Border Justice toolkit, and are making plans for other border tours with friends and key allies in the coming months, to strengthen awareness and commitment to border justicePlease give what you can today to support this work by donating to NNIRR today!

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Catherine Tactaquin, NNIRR Executive Director