We will continue the fight for rights and justice


The election to the presidency of the U.S. of a person who launched a run for that office by demonizing immigrants is not just hugely disappointing, but it could mark yet another frightening stage in U.S. immigration policy. A stage that greatly expands the already-repressive "deterrence" framework and reaches new lows in the criminalization of immigrant and refugee populations.

The political alignment of Congress, the White House and potentially, the Supreme Court, is a real threat to human rights and justice on many fronts.

But we do believe that the immigrant rights movement and our social and economic justice partners and allies must, and will, fight back.

Ours is a movement for which there have been no easy victories--in fact, very few at all. Rampant discrimination and scapegoating, workplace raids, detention and deportations, family separations, denial of basic services, hate violence, migrant deaths...the list goes on. Our path has had many twists and turns, barriers, and setbacks over the years--but we are resilient, and there is no arguing that our movement has grown and has become stronger.

We have held fast to our values--to respect for human rights, and dignity. A commitment to grassroots organizing and community empowerment. Fighting racism and xenophobia, nativism and nationalism. Building alliances with our partners for social and economic justice. Linking with our friends and collaborators around the world to lift up migrants' rights and address the "root causes" of forced migrations.

We echo the words shared by so many today: yes we mourn, but let's get on to the business of organizing for a better world for us all.

President-elect Trump's first 100-day plan includes many dangerous proposals, impacting the economy, our environment, access to healthcare and more. Several proposals are immigration-focused. In addition to promising more deportations, Trump has repeatedly said he would cancel Obama's executive actions, including DACA, putting at risk more than 700,000 young DACA recipients. We must fight back against this with a broad and strong coalition, and we don't have a luxury of time.

In the coming days, weeks, months, we welcome the opportunity to share analyses, ideas, strategies, plans of action with members, friends, partners, allies. And the work doesn't stop on the issues at hand--the detentions and deportations, migrant deaths.

At this critical time, the Board of Directors of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has renewed its commitment to our mission to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status. We will not allow racism, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-Muslim hate and all the other ugly politics of division to bring us down. Join us!

Please consider making a donation and/or become a member, to continue the fight for the human rights of all migrants and refugees, for rights and justice for all.

Thank you for your support. Let's roll up our sleeves for the work ahead.