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The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is proud to join forces with U.S. human rights partners to urge an end to the detention of families and asylum seekers. Join us in bringing a message to President Trump and Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly!

Please take a moment NOW to sign our joint petition, 

End the Detention of Families and Asylum Seekers

This petition is the initial action of US Welcomes, a partnership of human rights, civil rights, legal and faith-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Through US Welcomes, we aim to focus efforts on the rights of people seeking asylum.

This initiative is one more fight-back against the anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-human rights onslaught of the Trump Administration since the Inauguration.

The detention of families and asylum seekers undermines this country's human rights commitments and violates our international obligations. 

In a joint statement announcing the petition, NNIRR Executive Director Catherine Tactaquin, said "We have a long road ahead of us in this country and globally to ensure that those in the most vulnerable situations--who have been forced from their homes by wars and violence, persistent poverty, persecution of all kinds and increasingly, environmental degradation--can live in peace, with safety and with social and economic wellbeing...This is just one more important step against the racist, xenophobic and outright cruel policies that demonize and criminalize those seeking to unite with their families and find refuge..."

These are not new issues. Over the past few years substantial protest and legal action has been lodged against the detention of children and their families, particularly from Central America. Likewise, a disturbing trend of detaining asylum seekers--including Haitians--has emerged and even contributed to enlarging the overall detention bed capacity well beyond the 34,000 detention bed quota previously established. 

These problems are bound to considerably worsen under a Trump Administration and with the consequences of the recent immigration executive orders.

Join us and our partners in US Welcomes in pushing back against these inhumane and punitive policies.

Please remember to sign the petition and share this link with your friends, neighbors, members and constituents to enlist their support. Thank you!


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