Immigration Policy and Legislation - 115th Congress, 2017 - 2018


Immigration-Related Legislation in the 115th Congress

The NNIRR has put together a comprehensive list of the most important immigration-related bills that are currently being discussed in Congress (last updated June 27, 2018).

NNIRR Legislative Tracker

The legislation is organized both by party and by issue, and includes summaries and occassional commentary on each bill. This PDF will be updated approximately every two weeks as bills are moved through congress and as new legislation is added. 

Many of the Republican sponsored bills can be extremely detrimental to immigrant's rights and lives if they are to be passed, which is especially concerning in a Republican controlled Congress, so it is important to call your congressmen and urge them to reject these pieces of legislation. Similarly, pledging support to bills that increase immigrant rights is a big step towards getting these pieces passed in congress. 

You can find your Congressmember at this link

Major Party Platforms

The NNIRR has created a summary of the major party platforms of the democratic and republican parties relating to immigration from the 2016 election. These platforms influence the tone of the current legislation being put forth in Congress and help determine how the two sides will vote on potential bills. Read about the major party platforms here and find NNIRR's Political Party Comparison Chart here

Recent Legislative News

Resolution Condemning Trump Administration's Zero Tolerance policy and family separations. On June 7, 2018, over 100 House Democrats joined to introduce House Resolution 927, saying the separation of children from their families is "child abuse" and may inflict "irreversible damage" to the health of these children. 

350 Organizations Sign Sharp Rebuke to Ryan's Immigration Bill. June 20, 2018. 350 organizations nationwide have expressed their opposition to Speaker Ryan's Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018. Despite claims, this bill does not end family separation and calls for further immigration enforcement.

Additional Resources for Current Legislation

American Immigration Lawyers Association has put together a list of pending legislation related to immigration. 



To view legislative and policy proposals, analysis and commentary from 2015-2016, the 114th Congress, click here.