Lifting up justice, now and in 2017


For our 30th anniversary earlier this year, we chose the theme, Tearing down walls, lifting up justice. Fitting, we thought, for our work over the past three decades. And fitting still, for the period ahead as we commit to resistance against the further escalation of attacks on immigrant communities.

Your support at this year's end will help the National Network to meet this challenge. With our members, partners and allies in the U.S. and around the world, we are determined to stop the racist rhetoric and the xenophobic proposals for more border restrictions, detentions and deportations. Your donation to NNIRR supports building a human rights-based movement here and abroad, based in communities and connected with allies who share a vision for equality and justice.

Reaffirming our commitment

As we look to 2017, NNIRR remains anchored by:

  • Our commitment to the human rights and dignity for allpeople
  • Our respect and support for grassroots organizing and community empowerment
  • Our steadfast opposition to all forms of racism and xenophobia
  • Our action to help build a global movement for migrants' rights

From this year to the next, we'll continue to be in the fight against detentions and deportations, and against the militarization of the border. And in time for the January Inauguration, we will be sending the next President and members of Congress an "Open Letter" with our immigration agenda--and we hope you will join us as a co-signatory. 

Click here to read more about NNIRR in 2016 and plans for 2017.

We so appreciate those of you, especially our new friends and members, who donated to the National Network immediately after the election. You give us hope. And in the face of the heightened assault on the character, rights and safety of immigrant communities, you can certainly count on NNIRR to stand up for rights and justice!

Thank you for your donation as this year comes to a close. Please consider becoming a monthly or quarterly sustainer--a convenient way to increase your gift and support us throughout the year.

From the Board and Staff of NNIRR, our sincere wishes for peace and justice, health and happiness.