Editorial: Pope Francis at the Border


Pope Francis’ trip to Mexico ended on Wednesday in Ciudad Juárez, a city once made hellish by drug violence and still gripped by poverty and crime. He did not seem afraid, and brought with him only smiles and hugs, and words of solace and encouragement.

He visited a prison, greeting inmates one by one, urging them to live as “prophets,” to turn their suffering toward goodness. “Work,” he said, “so that this society which uses people and discards them will not go on claiming victims.”

He prayed at the border for the migrant dead, and condemned the “grave injustices” done to those who are forced by poverty and violence to journey north.

If only that message of decency, of human worth, could have been amplified, in English, to the United States, across the river to Texas, and beyond to Washington.

The pope celebrated Mass in the afternoon in an old fairgrounds beside the Rio Grande. In front of him were thousands of residents of Juárez and its American neighbor El Paso, and pilgrims who had traveled many miles to worship with him.

Beyond them, across the river, was a nation that has frightened itself to the point of panic about foreigners, with help from Republicans running for president.

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