Time for Justice + Wristbands + T-shirts


Wear your message on your wrist: 

No Ban, No Wall + Love Knows No Borders

Thanks to a wonderful NNIRR supporter, we have this great wristband on sale as a mini-fundraiser benefitting NNIRR! It carries two timely messages: "Love Knows No Borders" and "No Ban, No Wall"

We know you will want one for yourself and even more to give away to family, friends and colleagues! Please act now and help to spread the word for justice at all borders! $5.00 for one, 5 for $20 and 10 for $35 (plus shipping). Click here to purchase online.


It's summer. You want this t-shirt!

No better time for a new t-shirt, and ourbeautiful Just Borders t-shirt carries this core message: "human rights, safety & dignity for all migrants and refugees."  In charcoal grey with blue, orange and gold accents - butterflies circling the world. In men and women's sizes (S, M, L, X-L); women's version is slightly tapered and has cap sleeves. Designed by Guillermo Prado of 8point2.com and modeled here by our summer 2016 interns! Just $20 + shipping. Click here to order online.

And about the RAISE Act...

We'll soon share more  about the RAISE Act, endorsed yesterday by President Trump. The bill had been introduced in the Senate earlier this year, and is now being promoted in a transparent attempt to rally the President's base around one of his campaign promises--to address immigration. Not only satisfied with cracking down on undocumented immigrants, the Administration shows its disdain for all immigrants by proposing to cut regular immigration in half and further force the separation of families, all in an "us" vs "them" message. As well, these restrictions could motivate more immigrants to risk irregular immigration in order to be united with and to help support their families.

NNIRR is following this and dozens of other immigration bills pending in Congress. Check out this new legislative tracking tool that NNIRR has created. It will be updated regularly on our current legislation page and gives a picture of the particular legislative issues and trends. The legislative chart is bookmarked so that you can "jump" to bill summaries by clicking on the bill number.

Some proposals, like the RAISE Act, would face serious opposition by both Democrats and Republicans and are proposals that give "credibility" to congressional members among their own constituents. But we cannot afford to neglect these bills; if passed and signed by the President, they could wreak further havoc on our immigrant and refugee communities and on immigration and refugee policies for many years to come.