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The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) works to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status. Since its founding in 1986, the organization has drawn membership from diverse immigrant communities, and actively builds alliances with social and economic justice partners around the country. As part of a global movement for social and economic justice, NNIRR is committed to human rights as essential to securing healthy, safe and peaceful lives for all.












Here are some key positions and activities:

  • Organize and support the defense and protection of immigrants and refugees from deportation, detention, harassment, discrimination and exclusion.
  • Provide space and support for immigrant rights movement organizing and capacity building: provide consistent information sharing, opportunities for input, strategizing and planning through regular conference calls and online discussion platforms; build the cohesion and activism of NNIRR members; refine and popularize education and training materials through BRIDGE and advocacy toolkits.
  • Strengthen role and participation in broader alliances and coalitions: work with allies in labor, faith, women’s and environmental, racial, criminal and health justice arenas; collaborate on key intersectional like access to health care, racial justice, environmental protection and addressing climate change.
  • Push back on the racist and xenophobic narrative of division, distrust and hate: update and expand NNIRR’s BRIDGE popular education resource; play an active role in global civil society’s campaign to challenge racism and xenophobia, including advocacy within the UN initiative.
  • Advocate nationally and internationally for the human rights of all migrants and refugees: promote the global effort to advocate for human rights at international borders; actively support collaboration in the Global Coalition on Migration and the Women in Migration Network; promote a strong human rights perspective in the development of the new UN Global Compact for Migration.

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