Flood of child migrants a neglected challenge


As Congress dithers over immigration reform, the children of Central America aren’t waiting.

The past few years have seen a steady rise in the number of teenagers and younger boys and girls crossing the Southwest border unaccompanied by their parents or adult relatives. Many are fleeing drug and gang-related violence in nations like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. But many also have family in the United States, and sometimes walk across the long land bridges with phone numbers in hand.

In Washington-speak, these are Unaccompanied Alien Children or UACs. And their numbers could approach 66,000 this year — more than four times the level of just two years ago.

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In the spring of 2012 and again last January, Congress stepped in to provide extra money to care for and resettle these migrant children. But as the numbers continue to grow this spring, it’s become a humanitarian and legal crisis — the full costs of which no one talks about much in today’s political climate...

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