Happy holidays - and wrapping up 2014


Happy Holidays from NNIRR!

Thank you for your solidarity and support for the human rights, justice & dignity for all migrants

In many ways, 2014 was a transition year--bridging a period of political frustration and increased punitive enforcement against undocumented immigrants--and a time for building momentum towards positive and durable immigration policy changes.

Humane legislative action, especially a sound legalization program, wasn't even on the agenda. Immigration reform stalled in the House, and the badly compromised bill passed by the Senate last year effectively died.

Obama's promise to take executive action was delayed until after the mid-term election--when it was also clear that active Latino voter support for the Democrats was waning.

The media blitz about the increase in child migration from Central America, largely stimulated by widespread violence in that region, stirred both positive and negative responses, but the Administration failed to move generously and decisively to address this refugee crisis--one that may very well resurface.

Administrative relief will bring major challenges along with hopefulness for many immigrants, but the majority of undocumented face an uncertain future, including continued detentions and deportations.

Obama is promising to focus even more resources on enforcing the border. This poses an even greater threat to the rights and well-being of migrants and border communities, and only adds to the "criminalization" of immigrants.

This critical situation at the border, with serious implications for overall immigration policy, will be the focus of our program in the coming years (while certainly not excluding ongoing work to end detentions and deportations). We invite you to join us as we unfold this initiative for human rights, and rolling back border militarization (yes, we can do it!)

We will also act with our partners in several other countries to lift up human rights at international borders--continuing to build the local-national-global linkages and strategies that are so necessary.

As we close out 2014, we ask you to help "wrap up" the year with a generous donation to NNIRR. Your support will help us to kick-start our multi-year effort to ensure human rights and justice at the border. We hope you will consider becoming a sustainer, spreading your support on a monthly or quarterly basis and helping NNIRR throughout the year.

(Want to mail a check instead of donating online? It's easy, just make your check payable to 'NNIRR' and mail to the address below.)

Thank you so much for your support!

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Our warm wishes for the new year

At NNIRR, we always feel so grateful to our members, friends, partners, volunteers, who have helped to build, expand and sustain our work over almost three decades. While we work in an often difficult and traumatic environment for our communities, and with few outright "victories", there is no doubt that our movement includes an incredible community of committed, generous and hardworking activists and organizations that continually inspire us. Our thanks to all for this shared commitment and solidarity. (Photo above: stragglers from our office holiday lunch!)

A special thanks to our fantastic Board members, and to our wonderful interns this past year: Allison Leader, Xavier Torres de Janon, Ajay Vishwanath, and Nushy Golriz. 

Peace and justice to all in 2015!

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