Political Parties on Immigration + NNIRR birthday thank you


NNIRR's Platform Comparison Chart:

Republicans and Democrats on Immigration

The party conventions are over, and the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are off and running...sort of.

So where did the "official" party platforms land on immigration?There are big surprises from either party -- although a comparison of the Democrats' 2012 and 2016 platforms will show an evolution on issues such as DACA-DAPA, ending contracts with for-profit private detention centers and more.

While the presidential candidates should be aligned with their respective, "official" party positions, we will often see a range of "interpretation" on positions in the thick of the campaign. And beyond the election, the official platforms continue to provide a barometer of positions of elected officials from each party at various levels.

Read NNIRR's 2016 Political Party Immigration Position Comparison Chart for more detail. The chart was drawn directly from the party platform language.

You can also access the Republican Party platform and the Democratic Party platform, along with other information pertaining to the elections at our website section on Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2016 Elections.

Thanks for your support on our 30th anniversary!

NNIRR celebrated its 30th anniversary this past week with a reception and program featuring interviews with our wonderful Board members -- who then met for two days at our Oakland office. We had a great time connecting with new and old friends, sharing much laughter, memories, and of course, lots of chatter about the upcoming elections and what's on the agenda for migrant rights here and internationally.

Here's an excerpt from our Board's message in our program:

NNIRR continues to be values-driven, centered by a human rights framework, respecting and supporting migrant leadership, challenging racism and xenophobia, and acting with global partners to build a strong international migrants' rights movement.

30 years is a long time, but we are inspired by the commitment of groups and individuals who have travelled this road with us. It hasn't been easy; these are values and tasks that are typically not considered "popular" or "fundable", and progress is often slow. Yet, we have every basis to remain hopeful, determined, and committed... We invite you all to continue with us on this journey... It's been an incredible 30 years. Here's to 30 more on the road to human rights and justice!









Our sincere gratitude to all who came, who sent messages and contributions, and who have been part of this wonderful family for so many years. Click here to see our anniversary photo album on our Facebook page. (And thanks to Brooke Anderson for capturing these great images).