Rally Against Immigrant Detention!


President Obama's proposals to provide temporary relief from deportation for some undocumented immigrants are still on hold, blocked by an injunction pending resolution of a lawsuit challenging the program. But immigrant rights advocates and activists have ramped up the fight against immigration detention--a glaring and punitive part of ongoing national immigration policy. Our efforts are part of an international movement against the detention of immigrants, with a spotlight on ending the detention of children as a starting point. The UN Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of Migrants has repeatedly called for an end to the outrageous detention of children around the world. Here is an update with links for more information and action that you can take today:

National Day of Action to #EndFamilyDetention

Happening right nowmarch and protest at the family detention center in Dilley, TexasActivists from around the country have converged on Dilley to call for an end to family detention. This is just one of the significant issues that are playing out everyday as a core element of U.S. immigration policy--and which will not be touched by Obama's executive action. In fact, the executive action calls for stepped up enforcement at the border and will deliver more immigrant families to detention centers like the one in Dilley. 

Grassroots Leadership, based in Austin and a leader of the Dilley protest along with Texans United for Families, describes the current problem: "...in 2014, the Obama administration announced it would renew the mass detention of immigrant families. A family detention center was opened in July at a law enforcement training center in Artesia, New Mexico. The administration then announced that it would start detaining families at a GEO Group-operated facility in Karnes County, Texas and it would expand the Berks County detention center. In its supplemental appropriations request to Congress, the administration asked for up to 6,300 family detention beds across the country. " Read the entire information piece on family detention on the Grassroots Leadership website.

Tweet your message against family detention: #EndFamilyDetention #CloseDilley

Private Prison Divestment Conference: We Want Freedom: Breaking the Chains & Transforming Communities

The third annual National Strategy Session to End Criminalization, Incarceration and Immigration Enforcement begins tomorrow, Sunday, May 3 in Boca Raton, Florida. Organized by Enlace Int'l and the National Private Prison Divestment Campaign, the gathering creates a strategic space to examine the intersections of mass incarceration and immigration, and to build greater collective action. On Wednesday, April 29, various groups protested in Boca Raton at a GEO shareholders' meeting. Check out this video and article on the protest in the Palm Beach Post.

GEO is the second largest private prison operators in the country. Numerous actions had also taken place April 19-25, a National Week of Engagement for Prison Divestment. NNIRR is a member of the national divestment campaign and believes that punitive immigration enforcement policies are clearly linked with the country's reliance on mass incarceration. (Poster at right created for prison divestment campaign by Melanie Cervantes)

A Mother's Day Challenge: End detention of immigrant mothers and children

A partnership of groups has launched a Mother's Day petition calling for an end to the detention of immigrant mothers and childrenCheck out the call to action, information about a Mother's Day "thunderclap" and sign the petition here.






#End FamilyDetention #CloseDilley #migrantjustice