Reminder: Sign Open Letter to Senate Judiciary - Fair and Just Immigration Reform


A reminder:

Please sign the Open Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in Support of Fair and Just Immigration Reform!

Se solicita respaldo a una: ¡Reforma Migratoria Justa e Imparcial!  

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The Senate Judiciary Committee will continue its “mark up” process on S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act this coming week, with an aim to pass the bill out of committee and onto the Senate floor for consideration in June. While a number of "positive" amendments have been added during the three mark up days so far, substantial and problematic issues remain in the proposal. Numerous amendments to be considered in the coming days would further erode immigrant rights, protections and access.

Please add your name to the Open Letter to urge the Committee to adhere to principles of human rights, fairness and justice.

We are asking for both individual and organizational endorsements to the Open Letter for Fair and Just Immigration Reform. The letter will be sent to Judiciary Committee members prior to the next mark-up day, Monday, May 20.

To read and endorse the letter as an individual, click here. (en español, clic aquí) 

To read and endorse the letter on behalf of an organization, click here(en español, clic aquí) 

Deadline for signatures: Midnight (Pacific Time), Saturday, May 18.

The letter describes our disappointment in the bill and calls for changes in a number of key areas, reflecting long-held principles and positions in immigration policy. While we are also supporting a number of amendments that would improve certain parts of the legislation, we are very concerned and disagree with the continued emphasis on border security, the shift from family to skills-based immigration, and the overly long and tedious “path” to citizenship, among other issues.

As the legislation progresses in the Senate, as well as with what may emerge in the House of Representatives, we will continue to push for meaningful and positive policies and programs that are reflected in the Open Letter. We will also press the Obama Administration to suspend immigration detentions and deportations, to provide relief to immigrant communities, encourage their participation in this period of potential change, and to clear the way for them to benefit from positive changes that reform may bring.

For more information, updates and tools for immigration, be sure to visit our website section on Immigration Policy Reform.

Thanks for your support! 

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