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Hunger Strike At Arizona Detention Center After Immigrant's Mysterious Death

A group of 200 immigrant detainees launched a hunger strike at Eloy Detention Center outside Phoenix Saturday morning to protest a detainee's death last month and call attention to conditions at the facility, said immigrant rights activists and detainees' families. Read more >

You can’t blame immigrants for California’s drought

Every political consultant knows better than to let a good crisis go to waste. Read more >

Justice for Nail Salon Workers

Across the country, countless workers in the nail salon industry, mainly immigrant women, toil in misery and ill health for meager pay, usually with no overtime, abused by employers who show little or no consideration for their safety and well-being. Read more >

NNIRR E-news: Clinton, Detention, Border Bill, Mother's Day & More

Two Mother's Day commitments to #EndFamilyDetention: Read more >

McConnell Proposes Two-Vote Solution to Break Homeland Security Impasse

NNIRR Updates: SOTU, New Border Bill, Reclaiming MLK

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The generous e Read more >

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