Time for Fair & Just Immigration Reform


Around the country and in Washington, DC, today, thousands of immigrant community members, activists and allies are calling for legalization, an end to detentions and deportations, support for family unity, workers' rights and an end to exploitative guestworker programs.

Every day, the media has been reporting progress--and logjams--on closed-door negotiations in the Senate and in the House, as well as between labor and business. While the end of this week is the new target by senators for the release of an immigration bill, there are mounting doubts that it will appear by Friday.

In the meantime--we must continue to push for an immigration reform that reflects our values and communities' needs! A fair, equitable and expedient legalization program must be central to a reform package. Reports from both the Senate and the House negotiations on their respective proposals do not sound promising: border security "triggers" for a new legalization program; generation-long waits for a green card, much less access to citizenship, among other concerns. Increased worksite enforcement and at the border. Agribusiness' insistence on low wages for agricultural workers--on top of the guaranteed inclusion of temporary worker programs in the reform deal--are also troubling and a reminder of the huge hurdles ahead to secure rights-based policies.

Stop the Deportations!

Again, please join us in calling for a suspension of detentions and deportations to provide the strongest opportunities for immigrant participation, inclusion, family unity--and fairness.

Here are eight key elements of immigration reform. We encourage members, friends and allies to join us in promoting:

  • A legalization program that offers a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants--a path that is inclusive, fair, and safe, without obstacles, undue burdens and lengthy waiting periods. 
  • A speedy resolution to the backlog of pending family visas, a cornerstone of our immigration policy. 
  • Access to health services and insurance, education, nutrition assistance, and working family tax credits for ALL immigrants. 
  • Restoration and preservation of due process rights, regardless of immigration or citizenship status. 
  • An end to the Criminal Alien Program, Secure Communities and 287(g), as well as fast-track deportations and mandatory detention. 
  • The rollback of border enforcement policies and programs that have created a militarized environment, human rights violations of citizens and non-citizens, and an escalation of migrant deaths. 
  • Full labor protections, regardless of immigration or citizenship status, and an end to employment verification programs that undermine worker rights and increase employment vulnerability.
  • Support human rights, sustainable development programs and fair trade policies to contribute to building viable and healthy economies and communities abroad.

Click here for a flyer on Fair, Just, Humane Immigration Reform

Check out our website section on Immigration Policy Reform for more information, including immigration reform "principles", background documents and updates.

Remember to check out Building Immigrant Community Power Through Legislative Advocacy, a supplement to our popular education program, BRIDGE. It  includes lots of information and training tools to support grassroots engagement for policy change. Click here for more information and a free download. (If it does not appear in a new window, be sure to check the "download" file on your computer.)

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