A 30th birthday request: act now to give now for justice


Tearing Down Walls, Lifting up Justice!

Dear friend,

This is the theme for NNIRR’s 30th Anniversary celebration this year. Please donate here to help us continue on the journey towards justice -- this is our 30th birthday ask of you! And if you are in the Bay Area, please join us our anniversary reception on July 29!  You can get tickets here.

Clearly, the road to justice is a long one. All of the issues in our founding conference persist—and new ones have been added. Raids and arrests, detentions (today in deplorable profit-making private prisons), deportations, migrant border deaths, family separations, visa backlogs, worker discrimination, anti-immigrant scapegoating, calls for restrictions and exclusions of certain categories of immigrants. It's a long and often tragic list.

But equally present across the past three decades is a grassroots immigrant rights movement that continues to build and advance principles for human rights across borders, while exposing injustices, abuse and discrimination. As part of this movement, we have raised awareness across the country about the injustices faced by migrants and refugees along the US Southern border and in the interior, while strengthening alliances across multiple sectors as part of a broader movement for social and economic justice. We have also worked with global partners to build a vibrant and active international migrants rights movement, which continues to expand and gain stronger footing.

But clearly, our mission is not over – to the contrary, we stand on the cusp of change.

This fall is an example of our challenges and opportunities: a national electionoutcome that can produce a renewed commitment for sweeping immigration reform – or an even deeper attack on immigrant communities (and communities of color and working people). A major UN summit in September that seeks to create “global compacts” on migrants and refugees that, minimally, opens more doors towards engagement with governments and other stakeholders towards a changed, human rights framed narrative AND policy shifts on global migration.

These are huge challenges! Fortunately, we – members, supporters and allies -- are part of a movement that has never backed away from such big challenges! So for our 30th birthday "wish", we ask you to lend your support to our journey, to our commitment to place human rights and dignity at the center of our plans. Please donateto our future – to continue to tear down the walls of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and lift up justice for ALL. Thank you for your support!

For peace and justice,

NNIRR Board of Directors 

Eduardo Canales    

Bill Chandler

Lillian Galedo

Isabel García

Mónica Hernández

Gerald Lenoir

Monami Maulik

Christian Ramirez

Janis Rosheuvel

Catherine Tactaquin

P.S. It's not too late to purchase an anniversary greeting in our commemorative program book! Click here for more information on buying an ad and for more information on our Bay Area birthday event! We'd love to see your message and this is a great way to promote your work among our broad communty of supporters. Many thanks.