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LATEST NEWS time flies! Next year NNIRR will celebrate its 30th anniversary--30 years in the fight for rights and justice for ALL immigrants and refugees! We ask you to make an end-of-the-year tax-deductible donation to help us build 2016 as an outstanding year in the defense and advocacy of migrant rights.

The struggle continues: In this photo from our archives, Bay Area activists march in 1984 against the deportation of Central American refugees. Sound familiar today? You've probably already seen the news that the Department of Homeland Security is making plans to launch deportation raids soon after New Year's, to round up Central Americans who entered the U.S. during last year's "surge" across the border and who now have deportation orders. Many of these would-be refugees against the violence in their homelands need legal assistance and access to due process--not deportation. (We urge you to support a national call-in effort by our allies at Alianza Americas to oppose these deportation plans.)

Are the deportations an attempt to deflect criticism against the Administration in the months prior to the November presidential elections? We hope not. 

Interestingly, Obama has announced that the U.S. will host a summit on migration in September when the UN General Assembly convenes in New York, to urge greater humanitarian support for refugees. And the U.S. actually co-chairs the intergovernmental "Migrants in Countries in Crisis" initiative, designed to develop consistent guidelines to address critical situations of migrants, particularly to encourage greater humanitarianism.

But in its own backyard, the U.S. continues to pursue reactive and punitive policies that are decidely "un-humanitarian." 

This is just one of the urgent challenges in 2016

Your year-end contribution to NNIRR will support important election-year advocacy, to push back on the poisonous, anti-immigrant messaging and policy proposals that typically saturate media coverage of conservative candidates and political pundits. We'll be working with members and allies to promote Just Bordersto shift the narrative on the border, roll back militarization, and save migrant lives. 

We are continuing to strengthen the global movement for migrant rights with our partners around the world, to insist on human rights for all migrants AND the need to address the root causes of today's unparalleled displacement of millions of migrants and refugees worldwide. 

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