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"Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies."

Dr. King's words are as relevant today as they were nearly 50 years ago. Unfortunately, during this political season, we are not seeing the best in our society. Presidential candidates, anti-immigrant governors and right-wing pundits are using the horrific events in Paris, Beirut, Bamako and too many other places to fan the flame of fear into a firestorm of hysteria against migrants fleeing violence in their home countries.












Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. Photo: Lillian Galedo

The War on Terror is being fused with the War on Migrants, poisoning the well of human compassion and reason. Politicians and pundits are criminalizing refugees, especially those from Syria, for political gain. Presidential candidates' proposed "solutions," like the summary closure of U.S. borders, denial of birthright citizenship, a Muslim registry, or refugee status only for Christians, are incredibly racist, irresponsible and nothing more than gross opportunism.

Only a year ago, these same voices were villainizing Central American women and children fleeing violence, rape and kidnapping to seek refuge in the U.S. Along the U.S.-Mexico border, human rights violations and migrant deaths in the desert have, tragically, become routine and normal and are likely to increase in the wake of these political assaults on refugees.

We are asking for your support.

As a global debate threatens to undermine hard-fought rights and protections for migrants and refugees, we need to ensure that our international borders are not consolidated as sites of exclusion and danger, and barriers to safety and human security. 

NNIRR has initiated Just Borders to advocate for the human rights, safety and dignity of all migrants and refugees by:

  • Exposing human rights abuses & the rise in migrant deaths
  • Calling for an end to racial profiling and violations of rights and due process
  • Pushing for demilitarization of the border
  • Ensuring community voices are present in policy affecting the region
  • Advocating for international migrants' rights and rights for all at borders

NNIRR's Just Borders is timely and relevant as we lift-up longstanding human rights work of activists living along the U.S. Southern border and amplify the movement addressing the migrant crisis in multiple parts of the world. 

All countries must respect the human rights of all migrants and offer sanctuary to people with no choice but to flee.

The world must turn our collective attention toward addressing the root causes of forced migration: corporate exploitation of the global economy, state-sponsored violence and attacks by extremists; and with a nod to the important negotiations now underway in Paris, true climate justice for a viable world for all.

As you consider your year-end giving this season, please give to NNIRR today to help us win this war of words, change hearts and minds, and uphold our loyalty to the values of liberty, justice and human rights. We thank you for your faithful support.

Peace and justice for the holidays and in the New Year from the NNIRR Board of Directors,

             Eduardo Canales     Mónica Hernández     Janis Rosheuvel

             Bill Chandler            Gerald Lenoir              Catherine Tactaquin

             Lillian Galedo           Monami Maulik

             Isabel Garcia           Christian Ramirez