Giving thanks and moving forward


Thank you for your support

This Thanksgiving eve, we want to say "thank you" to everyone who has called to volunteer, made a donation, joined NNIRR and expressed their solidarity in the the wake of the presidential election. It's clear that we have entered a period of "political flow" with new and renewed commitments not only for the cause of immigrant rights, but for social and economic justice as a whole. We are moved and heartened by the pro-active responses to resist racial division and hate. We will overcome - together! 

As we move forward...

At NNIRR we are still processing the outcome of the election and its implications. Along with members and allies, we have been consulting, monitoring and sharing information and analysis on social media, through meetings and fora, conference calls, and through other media outlets.

It's not the first time we have faced repressive and difficult times--our founding 30 years ago took place in a period of sweeping immigration raids and a president (Reagan) who warned of the "hordes of feet people" swarming the border, and who ordered the interdiction of Haitian refugees on the high seas. And many of us have experienced waves of anti-immigrant activity in each of the decades since then.

Still, we recognize we are all facing an unprecedented, dangerous period with both uncertainties and heightened vulnerable situations, especially for undocumented immigrants. 

As we continue to make plans, we have reaffirmed our commitment to these goals and priorities:

  • To organize and support the defense and protection of immigrants and refugees from deportation, detention, harassment, discrimination and exclusion.
  • To provide a strategic space and concrete support for immigrant rights movement organizing and capacity building.
  • To build alliances in solidarity and in partnership for social and economic justice for all.
  • To push back on the racist and xenophobic narrative of division, fear, distrust and hate.
  • To continue national and international advocacy and activism for the human rights of all migrants and refugees.

We value this time to take a much-needed break and to be with family and friends, and to re-energize for the weeks and months immediately ahead -- a time for resisting, organizing and building unity at the intersections of the movement for rights and justice.

Thank you for your support, Elephant Revival

Colorado-based "folkicana" group, Elephant Revival, is passing on donations to NNIRR from downloads of its video to their beautiful song, When I FallEven before the elections, Elephant Revival offered their support:

“'When I Fall' is a paean to hope and overcoming adversity as it depicts an immigrant family walking a difficult path to freedom while working against the elements. Those elements can be as literal as the snow covering the ground and the fence the family must crawl through or as evocative the broken structure in our current society and how it fails to humanize refugees and immigrants, especially the children."

Click here to download the "pay what you can" video -- all proceeds go to NNIRR. Thanks to everyone at Elephant Revival -- your solidarity has meaning!

And more thanks...

...To E. Smith Workshop, for donating to NNIRR from sales of one its art "ashtray" pieces.

...To First Legacy Comics, who also contributed to NNIRR from sales of its collector-edition, signed  "Lone Wolf and Cub #1" comic.

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There is a big need to increase our capacity and action. Your support - as members and/or donors is deeply appreciated. Please click to join or donate to NNIRR. Consider becoming a sustainer--your contribution, of whatever size, helps to grow our work throughout the year. Thank you!