Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2016 Elections


Since last summer, we have been monitoring aspiring presidential candidates and their positions on immigration related issues, in particular. There has been little let up in the attention to immigration this time around. While immigration has generally been one of the "hot button" issues in presidential elections, the focus on the issue this time around has been exceptional as certain candidates made immigration one of their defining issues.

Check out our comparison chart of presidential candidate positions on immigration issues.

Speculation abounds about the prospects for immigration reform beyond the elections. How will a new Administration respond? Could a shift in the makeup of Congress impact progress on new legislation? Recent press reports have noted interest in a renewal of the "Gang of 8", the bipartisan Senate group that produced the last comprehensive immigration proposal.

Whatever the outcome of the election -- a drive for more fair, humane immigration policy must top our immigrant rights agenda -- even as we continue to halt destructive detentions and deportations.

Presidential Candidate Immigration Positions: The progress (or lack of) immigration reform legislation has usually been tied to the timing and dynamics of national elections. Immigration issues have often become fodder for ugly campaign rhetoric as candidates race to profess that they are the "toughest" on immigration. This dynamic hasn't changed in this election, even as we have also heard some candidates proclaim their support for fairness and humane immigration policies. How do the three leading candidates compare on immigration issues? We will periodically update NNIRR's "comparison chart" of immigration positions, as well as party platforms, as the presidential race progresses.

Election Resources: The elections have also created opportunities for immigrant community organizing; a growing number of grassroots organizations engage in voter registration, education and get-out-the-vote work in specific communities. Some political campaigns are attracted to the potential impact of the "immigrant vote", just as some politicians see increased immigrant voting as a threat to "traditional" voting patterns. The reality is that all immigrants have an interest in, and are impacted by, the elections -- and not just on immigration issues. Regardless of immigration status or citizenship, the election of candidates for all levels of office and decisions on key ballot initiatives -- can impact us all. Visit our list of groups and resources for immigrant community election engagement and check back for updates. Engaging the immigrant community in the elections can be a powerful tool in building community capacities and voice.

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