On International Women's Day 2017: Claiming Human Rights for Women in Migration...and for All


This is a particularly significant year for women. Women are increasingly standing up for their rights and leading resistance to so many forms of oppression and injustice around the world. This is also true for women in migration -- whether they are migrants themselves, have remained home while other family members migrate, or have been affected by the deportations of those near and dear to them.

We certainly don't have to look very far to see the devastating impacts of President Trump's racist and xenophobic policies for immigrant and refugee women and their communities--whether it's the arrests and deportations and separation of families, the spewing of hateful and misogynistic language, or the gross inflation of a defense budget over the social and economic needs of poor and working families.

The National Network is proud to share this statement from our global partners in the Women in Migration Network, which today affirms that "human rights are extended to all migrants and refugees, regardless of citizenship or migration status". (Photo credit: Camille Ely)

Muslim Ban 2.0 is Here 

On Monday, President Trump signed his revised executive order, Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, now known as "Muslim Ban 2.0".  The executive order was redrafted to address the legal challenges to the initial January 27 order; these challenges had led to the order's travel ban suspension from implementation. But the new draft has not fooled anyone--it still contains a ban targeting Muslims.

While there are several changes to the new order, legal challenges are expected and will likely argue that the policies are discriminatory and still constitute a Muslim ban, as Donald Trump had consistently promised prior to and following his election. The revised order also contains the suspension of all refugee admissions to the U.S. for 120 days and would cut overall admissions to just 50,000 people. Click here to read NNIRR's updated information sheet on the executive order.

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