Act to Keep Families Together -- Stop the Deportations


Call on legislators during the congressional spring break (through April 5) to urge their support to defend and uphold family unity -- and to commit to ending the cycle of deportations that traumatize, separate and destroy the dreams of hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their families.

Media and other reports now project that an immigration reform bill will be introduced when Congress returns from its spring break. This is a considerable delay from early and optimistic speculation that a proposal would appear in early March, but would still allow a bill to move forward. Leaks, hearings and various reports from legislative negotiators in both the House and the Senate continue to point towards significant concerns: obstacles and limits for legalization applicants, the undermining of family-based immigration, expansion of punitive immigration enforcement programs, escalating demands for temporary workers.

NOW is the time to speak up LOUDLY and CLEARLY. NNIRR is proud to join members and allies at national, state and local levels in calling for a broad, swift and inclusive legalization process that includes access to full citizenship, and with no trade off or diminishing of family-based immigration.

With potentially life-enhancing immigration reform underway, we also ask you to join us in calling for asuspension of detentions and deportations to provide the strongest opportunities for immigrant participation, inclusion and family unity.

Fair, Just, Humane Immigration Reform

At the National Network, our immigration reform priorities flow from a longstanding commitment to human rights; we believe that all US immigration policies should respect and uphold our human and civil rights values and commitments. We understand that an immigration reform bill which passes through THIS Congress will leave much to be desired towards sound, strategic policies and we are committed to continue working for fair and just immigration policies now and beyond this legislative opportunity.

We have identified eight key elements of immigration reform and encourage members, friends and allies to join us in promoting these policies:

  • A legalization program that offers a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants--a path that is inclusive, fair, and safe, without obstacles, undue burdens and lengthy waiting periods. 
  • A speedy resolution to the backlog of pending family visas, a cornerstone of our immigration policy. 
  • Access to health services and insurance, education, nutrition assistance, and working family tax credits for ALL immigrants. 
  • Restoration and preservation of due process rights, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.
  • An end to the Criminal Alien Program, Secure Communities and 287(g), as well as fast-track deportations and mandatory detention. 
  • The rollback of border enforcement policies and programs that have created a militarized environment, human rights violations of citizens and non-citizens, and an escalation of migrant deaths. 
  • Full labor protections, regardless of immigration or citizenship status, and an end to employment verification programs that undermine worker rights and increase employment vulnerability.
  • Support human rights, sustainable development programs and fair trade policies to contribute to building viable and healthy economies and communities abroad.

Click here for a flyer on Fair, Just, Humane Immigration Reform

Call on your legislators now

This spring break, as well as other legislative breaks are key opportunities to bring the vices of affected communities, partners and allies to the discussion on immigration reform, particularly given the financial and other barriers for the majority of active and concerned people to go to Washington, DC. Local meetings and town halls have already taken place or are scheduled that have highlighted the stories, concerns and opinions from diverse immigrant communities. (Click here to see and download the 2013 congressional schedule.)

Bring your stories, bring your voices! We encourage everyone to make direct contact with their district and state representatives, particularly those who sit on the House or Senate Judiciary committees, the immigration subcommittees and in particular, members of the bipartisan "gangs" that are drafting legislative proposals. (Click here for the Senate Judiciary Committee Member directory) (Click here for the House Judiciary Committee member directory)

Check out our website section on Immigration Policy Reform for more information, including immigration reform "principles", background documents and updates.

As organizers, this intense period of legislative debate and advocacy provides a unique opportunity for awareness raising, capacity-building and leadership development. Click here for more information and a free download of Building Immigrant Community Power Through Legislative Advocacy. This is a supplement to our popular education program, BRIDGE, and includes lots of information and training tools to support grassroots engagement for policy change. 

Finally -- please, please consider a donation to NNIRR to help support our organizing and advocacy for an immigration reform that respects our rights, our communities. Thank you!


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