Moving Forward for Rights & Justice in 2016


We want to thank you for your solidarity and support for human rights, justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees. NNIRR is inspired and encouraged by members, friends, partners and volunteers who have stood with us and helped to build, expand and sustain our work over the past three decades. 

But as you know, we have a lot to do for rights and justice in 2016! Please make a tax-deductible contribution to NNIRR today to help us continue the fight in this next, critical year. You can check out a wrap-up of 2015 and plans for 2016 here.

In 2015, migrants and refugees seemed to be in a continual crisis--on our U.S.-Mexican border and in Europe, Africa and elsewhere. But we also saw signs of hope and compassion, as the migrant rights movement quickly responded to the barage of hateful, xenophobic messages emerging almost daily from political opportunists.

Communities around the globe stood up to hate and opened their arms to refugees from Syria and other countries in crisis, recognizing the right to safe passage and refuge from violence and war. While governments argue over inadequate proposals for refugee relief and right-wing pundits spew racist ideology to foment fear in society, communities have taken matters into their own hands with acts of protest, solidarity, and kindness.

We are proud that hundreds of groups and individuals joined our message on International Migrants Daythis past December 18, in a statement that reaffirmed human rights for all migrants and refugees. On the 25th anniversary of the Migrant Workers Convention, we declared that "safe passage across borders is critical for for those whose very lives is at stake."

Throughout this year, NNIRR has promoted human rights at borders, in Geneva, Istanbul, New York, Tucson, San Antonio, Sacramento and more, conveying a simple message: international borders cannot be "zones of exclusion" when it comes to human rights. And this includes immigration reform. We want to "shift the narrative" on borders, and we will work to do this through our Just Borders initiative in 2016 and beyond.

We have just learned that during his last year in office, President Obama will host a global summit on migration in September, when the UN General Assembly convenes. The summit will push for greater humanitarian assistance for migrants and refugees from governments and the private sector. This a welcome response that distances this Administration from the narrow reactions and ugly rhetoric of many presidential hopefuls.

But this summit does not let the Administration off the hook for its continued punitive immigration enforcement and restrictive refugee policies that continue to detain and deport tens and thousands of migrants and would-be refugees. Nor is it an answer to the persistent strain of forced migration. NNIRR and partners around the world, as well as many governments, especially from the Global South, have argued thatthe "root causes" of forced displacement must be addressed to ease the pressure of the millions who are compelled to leave their homelands for safety and economic survival.

We pledge to continue this pressure while we urge for immediate and generous humanitarian assistance.

Give for Just Borders--and more

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A Huge Thanks to NNIRR's 2015 Interns!

As we leave behind 2015, we want to express our deepest appreciation to our terrific team of summer interns. (In photo to left) Sophie Newman, Elise Berendt, Elvin Bruno, and (inset) Nicole Orttung made outstanding contributions, and lent their enthusiasm, creativity and good spirit. Sophie monitored immigration news, supported our social media work and updated our website, but largely focused on research and writing of several major features for our new Just Borders advocacy toolkit. Elvin delved in electoral developments, diligently following the twists and turns of an already-active presidential campaign, and set the foundations for our elections 2016 web page, including profiles for each of the announced candidates. Elise provided staff support for our international partnership, the Women and Global Migration Working Group, including boldly tackling the website. Nicole, who worked "remotely" from Washington, DC, joining our staff meetings via Skype, monitored immigration legislation in Congress and developed updated profiles for a range of key policy areas. We wish them the best and know they will continue to do their best to make a better world!

Happy holidays to all from all of us at NNIRR!