The national election is (finally) here...and more


...and immigrant communities are making a difference, in more ways than one!

A year and a half ago, we began to update the "Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2016 Election" section of our website. Many months later, the election day is upon us, and none too soon! It's been a long election period we will not soon forget.

The immigration issue took center stage this time around as we heard threats of massive deportations, an end to the DACA program, and construction of a huge border wall, along with an unending slew of racialized and xenophobic messages demonizing immigrants. Some presidential candidates promised to do the right thing by immigrants and spoke often and passionately for immigration reform, keeping families together, and ending the detention of children.

Around the country, immigrant community organizers have raised awareness about the voting process and elections, have registered tens of thousands of new immigrant voters, and have mounted vigorous get-out-the-vote campaigns.Even those who are unable to vote have played active roles in support of their communities. News reports over the past couple of days have noted the "surge" of immigrant voters in several parts of the country in early voting.

Whatever the election outcome, one thing is certain: immigrant communities and the immigrant rights movement will continue to make a difference. The elections are a crucial element in our fight for immigration justice--but not the only piece. Beyond this election, our immigrant rights movement faces a "huge" challenge to move an agenda that addresses the issues on the ground and which sets in place durable policy changes. Grassroots organizing and mobilizing, pressure for legsilative and administrative reforms, alliance-building and engagement in broader social and economic justice issues--are all part of our continuing fight.

In the menatime, if you haven't yet had a chance, check out NNIRR's comparison chart of key presidential candidate positions on immigration (Trump, Clinton and Sanders, for comparison/contrast), and one comparing the Democratic and Republican party platforms on immigration issues.

And if you can vote--be sure to cast your vote(s) for rights and justice for all!

We'll be talking soon about the hard work beyond the election--as well as the many issues on the table, such as the renewed deportation of Haitians, and an upcoming pledge at the UN to create a new "global compact on migration. Stay posted!


Thank you Faviana, Rani and Kristen - NNIRR's summer interns

We haven't had a chance to spotlight our gratitude to our amazing team of summer interns. (At left) Faviana Schectman, Rani Hanstad, and Kristen Gardner: smart, fun, committed--they provided tremendous energy and substantial contributions to our program. And, we were so glad they were here for our 30th anniversary celebration, where they brought their creative talents to ensuring the success of our reception.

During the summer, Faviana worked on our Just Borders toolkit, doing research, writing and editing; Rani provided critical support to our global partnership, the Women and Migration Network, which was transitioning from the Women and Global Migration Working Group; and Kristen picked up the production of our elections materials and preparatory documents on key immigration reform issues. They all monitored news and developments and supported our social media--and kept us laughing.

Thank you, Favi, Rani and Kristen--come back any time!!

Just Borders

Human rights, safety and dignity for migrants and refugees

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