New Resources: Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2012 Elections


With the general election now less than a month away, media coverage on the impact of the "immigrant vote" is escalating, while on the ground, community-based groups have ramped up their education and outreach.

NNIRR does not endorse any particular candidate in an election, but we are very interested in the public discourse on immigration policy during the highly visible campaign. Moreover, we support and encourage this moment as a movement-building opportunity.

Education within our diverse immigrant communities, the activation of thousands of community members to help "get out the vote," the monitoring of the election process to maximize participation and guard against discrimination and suppression of voting -- these are all incredibly important and useful elements of civic engagement. There's some exciting work being done by lots of organizations that can have impact now and build capacity for the long haul.

Wih this in mind, as in the last two general elections, we are providing on our website a section on the elections and encourage you to turn to it regularly for news and information. Here's a snapshot of what's included:

Candidate and party positions on immigrationWe have provided a chart comparing the two parties' platform positions on immigration, along with articles and comments from the presidential candidates. This is not an analysis of the candidates' positions -- you can draw your own conclusions. Where do they line up on NNIRR's own positions? Check out our immigration policy statementsover the year, including the Open Letter to President Barack Obama, from January 2009.

Immigrant vote and civic participation: We include here a battery of organizations doing some great on-the-ground work around the elections - election monitoring, education, get-out-the-vote. There are also some interesting analyses and reports on immigrant voting, along with new interactive maps of immigrant communities' voting potential.

Media and Commentary: There is lots of news and it grows every day! We take note of some key and informative pieces and will continue to add here as well as posting on our Facebook page.

Archives from 2008 and 2004: When we look back on the last two elections, we see a number of common themes -- but it is also useful to note the differences of the periods and the environment, and how some issues have evolved. We include in these sections some of the articles and documents from our website coverage during the previous two general elections. See 2008 archives here. 2004 archives can be found here.

 Without a doubt, we are all closely watching the election outcome -- not just the presidential race but what happens in Congress. Our strategy and tactics for advancing immigrant rights through federal policy change will obviously need to consider the make-up of the next Congress. Stay tuned!

If you have any resources you'd like to share, please let us know at