Mexico is cracking down on another US-bound migrant caravan

Violence broke out on Mexico’s border with Guatemala on Monday after Mexican immigration authorities denied entry to a caravan of thousands of migrants, mostly from Honduras. Read more >

Trump administration abruptly moves hundreds of immigrant hearings out of San Francisco

Northern California immigration attorneys are reeling after learning of a controversial Trump admini Read more >

Cheers as Federal Judge Blocks Trump Order Allowing Localities to Refuse New Refugees

A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a Trump administration order giving states and localities the power to refuse to resettle refugees. Read more >

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‘Treated like trash’: the project trying to identify the bodies of migrants

Headstones that marked unidentified migrant graves moved aside while Texas State University graduate students exhume bodies at La Grulla cemetery on 17 December 2019.  Read more >

The Trump Administration Has Been Preparing To Expand The Travel Ban, Documents Reveal

The Trump administration has been preparing to expand its travel ban — which bars individuals from seven countries from entering the US — to restrict certain immigrants from several more nations around the world, according to internal government documents obtained by BuzzFeed News. Read more >

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10 US immigration issues to watch in 2020

(Jan. 3, 2020) Last year, the Trump administration rolled out several policies that restricted access to asylum as well as employment-based and family-based immigration pathways. Read more >

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'Fundamentally Inequitable': Democratic Lawmakers Decry Trump's Proposal to Hike Immigration Fees

A group of Democratic lawmakers on Monday outlined their opposition to a Trump administration proposal which would increase application and petition fees for immigrants and asylum seekers, calling the plan "fundamentally inequitable and contrary to our nation's values." Read more >

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Deaths in custody. Sexual violence. Hunger strikes. What we uncovered inside ICE facilities across the US

(Dec. 20) NEW ORLEANS – At 2:04 p.m. on Oct. 15, a guard at the Richwood Correctional Center noticed an odd smell coming from one of the isolation cells. He opened the door, stepped inside and found the lifeless body of Roylan Hernandez-Diaz hanging from a bedsheet.  Read more >