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NNIRR Co-Director Alma Maquitico on KPFA Up Front: The Biden Administration & Immigration

Alma Maquitico speaks with KPFA radio host Brian Edwards-Tiekert: "What the Biden Administration can do now: Immigration and the refugee crisis"

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'It's not the same': How Trump and Covid devastated an Arizona border town

(Sept. Read more >

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Pandemic complicates counting of refugees in census

GLENDALE, Ariz. Read more >

Your definitive guide to the 2020 Census: How, when and why you should fill out the form

Who represents you in Congress, how much money goes toward your interstate highways and the news you read in your local newspaper all depend in part on a slip of paper to be mailed to your home in the next two months. Read more >

NNIRR ED Cathi Tactaquin talking about immigration issues on KPFA 94.1

(July 3) NNIRR's ED Cathi Tactaquin sat with KPFA's Kris Welch to talk about a range of immigration issues on this popular Bay Area radio program. Listen here:


Experts Slam Trump for "Halting Legal Immigration" with Planned Closure of Overseas Immigration OfficeH

Experts have criticized a plan by President Donald Trump’s administration to close overseas immigration offices currently assisting foreigners applying for visas to come to the United States legally. Read more >

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The Scott Warren Case is Part of a Crackdown on Aid to Migrants

[Jan. 11, 2019] He offered food, water, and clothing to migrants on a deadly stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Now he’s facing twenty years in prison. Humanitarian groups fear the situation will only get worse. Read more >

Trump Takes Government Workers Hostage to Demand Border Wall Funding

Interview with Catherine Tactaquin, executive director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, conducted by Scott Harris Read more >

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[Nov. 26, 2018] Yesterday a group of hundreds of migrants marching from Central America was stopped at the border between Tijuana and San Diego by tear gas. The group tried to get around a Mexican police blockade, and officials from U.S. Read more >

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'Tear Gassing Children Is Outrageous and Inhumane': US Condemned for Violence Against Asylum Seekers

As legal experts and human rights advocates overnight and Monday morning continued to denounce the tear gassing of children and other asylum seekers by U.S. Read more >