No Deportations - April 5 Day of Action


Tomorrow, Saturday, April 5, is a Day of Action against deportations -- an echo of the continuing demand for justice from immigrant families, communities and the immigrants' rights movement.

Check out activities around the country at the Not One More Deportation website, and find resources and other action opportunities. Use hashtags #not1more, #2Million2Many for sharing your messages and photos.

An end to punitive detentions and deportations of immigrants is an essential part of the movement for immigrant rights and justice. With no hope of positive, enlightened legislative action in the near future, we all need to escalate our call to the Obama Administration to exercise the political will and act within its capacity to suspend deportations.

Of course, we need to continue all efforts towards durable legislative policy changes that at least provide an opportunity for fairness and justice for immigrants. But in the meantime, every day that passes produces trauma, fear, greater uncertainties of daily life--and the jarring reality of family separation, in the unrelenting continuation of detentions and deportations. We can't wait for legislative action by a Congress that has produced shameful, unsatisfactory proposals to date, while communities are devastated.

Detention and deportation: background analysis and resources

Whether we condemned detentions and deportations 25, 10 or 5 years ago, the consequences on our communities are the same--yet also deeper, wider and with more enduring harm. We share here links to a couple of past NNIRR reports that describe the deep policy backdrop to detentions and deportations.

The 2009 report, Guilty by Immigration Status, specifically recommended administrative action: 

"Guilty by Immigration Status urges a fundamental shift in immigration policies away from the Bush-era politics of national security toward a human rights approach that addresses human needs and community safety. NNIRR strongly recommends that the Obama Administration and Congress take immediate action to address and remedy the longstanding problems that have plagued immigration services and enforcement, measures, practices, laws and policies for almost three decades.

"Given the uncertain schedule and provisions of a major immigration bill, we urge the Administration to act swiftly to:

  • Restore due process rights and other Constitutional protections, while expanding access to the Courts.
  • End the practice of jailing persons solely for immigration status violations, except where there is a particularized finding of high risk to public safety.
  • Suspend all detentions and deportations, prohibiting high profile raids and enforcement operations, investigate the abuses and place a moratorium on the expansion of the immigration detention facilities.
  • End the policies and practices of selective enforcement programs including Operation Streamline and other programs that perpetrate the criminalization and demonization of immigrants.
  • End inter-agency and police collaboration with immigration authorities and end all local, county and state government and police participation and policy-making in immigration enforcement.

"These steps are necessary to alleviate the trauma, family separation, discrimination and undue fear facing immigrant workers and families. This is also important to reshape the current climate so that all immigrants can participate in programs to regularize their status as soon as Congress establishes such programs."

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has continued down the same dangerous path--and with a bigger budget! Read and download the Executive Summary and full Guilty by Immigration Status report here.

Injustice for All: The Rise of the U.S. Immigration Policing Regime, our report released in 2010, describes more fully, the evolution and consolidation of U.S. immigration control policies, that include deportations as an essential component. You can read the Executive Summary here. The report itself may be downloaded or purchased here.
Take action on Saturday, April 5--and everyday--to end unjust, inhumane deportations!