Marching for justice tomorrow: Link the Fights for Climate Justice and Migrant Rights


For the second weekend in a row, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets -- this time to support climate justice, and to rally against the Trump Administration's proposals that threaten the future of the planet and her people. 

Many immigrant rights and community groups will participate in tomorrow's events, and environmental and climate justice groups have issued a solidarity statement for Monday's International Workers'/May Day actions, which will include mobilizations and strikes in support of workers and immigrants. This link between climate justice and migrant rights is an important part of the growing resistance movement.

There is definitely a connection between climate change --particularly the problem of global warming -- and migration: already, an estimated 25 million or more people around the world have been displaced largely due to climate change -- a number that could reach 250 million by 2050.

As we describe in NNIRR's fact sheet on Climate Justice and Migration: 

"By 2100, more than 20 countries are expected to experience 30-60% of agricultural and food production loss, 2.3 billion people will be threatened by mega-droughts, and almost 90% of people in rural communities around the world will lose their livelihoods."

The global migrants' rights movement is increasingly building its linkages with the international movement for climate justice. In the photo at left, members of La Via Campesina in South Asia speak to the effects of global warming during a workshop on climate justice at the Peoples' Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights in Dhaka, Bangladesh, last December. 1 in 5 people may be displaced in Bangladesh due to climate change by the year 2020.

Act for Climate Justice! Demand Migrant Rights!

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