Why Trump's travel ban hits women the hardest


Trump’s “Muslim ban” is a frontal assault on many universal human rights principles. But the latest temporary reinstatement of the order’s 120-day refugee ban – pending an anticipated October Supreme Court ruling – is already quietly undermining the most fundamental universal humanitarian rule: it puts women and children … last.

The Executive Order is being challenged primarily for discriminating against citizens of six Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – with an arbitrary 90-day travel ban (with arbitrary, potentially illegal exceptions for those with “bona fide relationships” to US residents.)

But on top of alienating an entire religious community, Trump’s even longer ban on future refugee admissions deepens a hidden dimension of the crisis: the endemic gender injustice of warfare.

The ban exposes a brazenly hypocritical convergence between Trump’s War on Women and his War on Terror.

In contrast to the menacing stereotype of male Isis warriors invading US shores, which Trump has framed in his speeches seeking to justify the ban, the demographic realities of the crisis place women in an unheard majority: nearly three-quarters of Syrian refugees who have entered the US since the war began (about 13,000) were women and young children. Women and children under age 14 actually make up most admissions from the top countries of origin for refugees in the US, including Iraq, Somalia and Syria.

While Trump’s ban is supposed to be temporary, four months is long enough to inflict irreparable harm on those facing gender-based violence every passing hour. Women remain deeply vulnerable whether they are escaping military air raids or “safe” in an official refugee camp overseas.

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