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NNIRR actively supports education and capacity building to help forge a multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual and anti-oppression movement led by those bearing the brunt of the effects of injustice and oppression: low-income immigrant and refugee communities themselves.

Grounded in popular education methods and principles, NNIRR has worked to build tools and spaces to share our experiences, understand those of others, share strategies, and develop collective visions for a better world.

NNIRR's popular education curriculum, BRIDGE (Building a Race & Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy), offers a simple framework for facilitation and topics for discussion that tackle the complex and often divisive issues of race, immigration, gender, globalization and its impact on all of these, and more.

In addition to providing excerpts from the BRIDGE curriculum, a Films & Multi-Media discussion guide with a listing over 20+ films, and other NNIRR produced tools to facilitate community dialogue and education, we have made available links to key resources for immigrant communities (Know Your Rights, Community Hotlines, etc.) from allies in the greater immigrant rights and social justice movements.

As new tools and resources become available we will update and add to these links.

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Know Your Rights

Fact sheets in Spanish & English for communities and individuals with information on basic rights, what to do if ICE is at your door or at work, what to do if a loved one has been arrested, and more.


A listing of national immigrant hotlines as well as a listing by state of hotlines that have been set up to support immigrants facing raids, detention or deportation and to report raids in local areas. Includes National LGBTQ immigrant hotlines.

Community Resources and Legal Assistance 

For individuals seeking legal assistance, you can find access to an immigrant legal directory as well as fact-sheets from legal organizations on immigration-related issues such as deportation and detention for immigrants and how-to document abuses in your community.



Students and Youth
Workers and Advocates 



Reports, Factsheets, Presentations

NNIRR reports and fact sheets on immigration, international migrant rights, environmental justice and migrant rights; and more, as well as resources and reports produced by other organizations on migration statistics and more.

NNIRR Training Tools

Facilitation guides, immigration quizzes, and legislative advocacy how-to tools that can be used for community and educational events and to spark action. For free download.


Building a Race & Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy - NNIRR's landmark popular education curriculum with exercises and discussion guides to engage immigrant and refugee communities in dialogue about racism, labor, migration, and the interconnected issues of justice and human rights.

Immigration Quiz

An excellent tool for classrooms and community meetings to test your assumptions and knowledge of immigration and immigration policy, and to spark powerful conversation, organizing and action. Available in Spanish and English.

Films and Multimedia Resources 

NNIRR guide to discussing films as a tool for community education, with a listing and questions for 20+ films and multi-media projects related to immigrants and refugees, policy, human rights and the environment. 



Legislative Resources and Tools 

Resources for how-to organize advocacy efforts in your community or to take action as an individual, including contact information for federal, state and local elected representatives (based on your region) and updated contact information for key committees on immigration issues in Congress.