Here's to Justice in 2013


As we close out 2012, we ask that you join NNIRR in making 2013 a banner year for immigrant justice -- a year in which the rights of immigrants grow and are validated in fair, genuine, humane immigration reforms.

We believe "a door has opened" for immigration reform. But we have no illusions--we have a huge fight before our movement. We know all too well the twists and turns of the political fight. But you know us. We are in this for the long haul

Please help us to give our all this year--to make real progress, and to keep the door open for as long as it takes. We are expecting to see specific proposals emerge immediately following the inauguration in January and our work has already begun. In addition to immigration reform, we will continue to support capacity-building, strengthening the interntional movement for migrants' rights, and expanding our alliances and commitment to social and economic justice for all.

But, if ever there was a "moment" for us to fight for badly needed immigration policy changes, this is it, and we need your support to make it happen.

Please support NNIRR as we "shift gears" and get ready to fight for rights-based principles and policies that support immigrant rights, and that do not lead to greater criminalization, separation of families, hardship and trauma.

Read about our exciting work in 2012 here.

As you consider your end-of-the-year contributions, please make a tax-deductible donation to NNIRR. We need to keep the door open for fair, just, humane immigration policies. Our communities deserve relief from abusive and discriminatory enforcement. They deserve rights, justice and the opportunity to live safe and healthy lives.

You can make your contribution online to NNIRR here

We thank you for your support. 

Our best wishes for a peaceful new year for us all.



Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director

P.S. If you prefer to mail your tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to "NNIRR" and mail to us at 310 8th St. Ste. 303, Oakland, CA 94607. Thanks again.