University of Arizona to Release Comprehensive Survey about Migration and Border Security


Tucson, Arizona-On Thursday, March 28th, researchers from the University of Arizona will be presenting a groundbreaking new study that answers key questions about immigration and border security. The study surveyed over 1,100 deportees and explores their experiences crossing into the U.S., being apprehended by U.S. authorities, and returned to Mexico. Each survey contained 250 questions and took about one hour to administer with randomly selected individuals at ports of entry and in migrant shelters in Mexico. The bi-national team of researchers from 13 institutions conducted interviews in six Mexican cities all along the U.S. Mexico border. The study's methodologically rigorous statistics shed light on:

  • Who is being deported?
    • Family ties
    • Work and life history
    • Intentions to return to the U.S.
  • What is the crossing experience like?
    • The trek through the desert
    • Women's experiences
    • Robbery
    • Kidnapping
    • Drug Cartels
  • Labor Exploitation
    • Payment withheld
    • Working for less than minimum wage
    • Debts incurred from crossing the border
  • Immigration Enforcement and Border Security: Do these programs make the border safer?
    • Due Process and U.S. Authority Treatment
    • Operation Streamline
    • Immigration Detention
    • Lateral Repatriation (ATEP)
    • Secure Communities and Interior Enforcement

Join us for a Press Conference at the University of Arizona, Harvill Building room 335 on Thursday, March 28th at 10 am. To participate on the press conference via conference call, dial (520) 955-6145. To RSVP to the press conference email Jeremy Slack at