Michael McCaul to pitch border bill to Republican Study Committee


House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul is headed to the Republican Study Committee next week to pitch his hot-off-the-presses border security bill to the core group of House conservatives.

An RSC spokeswoman confirmed that McCaul will speak at next week’s meeting, and the moves signal some sort of activity on the immigration front from congressional Republicans, aside from votes to gut President Barack Obama’s executive actions. McCaul has said he would do a border-security bill since last month.

He passed a border bill through his committee during the last Congress with unanimous support, but the legislation never made it to the floor.

“It is the toughest border security bill ever before Congress, with real penalties for the administration for not doing their job,” McCaul said Friday in a statement announcing his new bill.

His legislation calls on the Department of Homeland Security to achieve so-called “operational control” – which is when all illegal entries are stopped – of the entire southern border in five years. It also requires DHS to work with nearly 30 different metrics to measure border-security effectiveness.

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