Community groups continue protests against SB1070, all immigration police collaboration


Community groups continue protests against SB1070, all immigration police collaboration

July 29, 2010

For more information contact:
* Arnoldo Garcia,, (510) 928-0685 or (510) 465-1984 ext. 305,
* Laura Rivas,, (510) 465-1984 ext. 304

[See below for media contacts for community activities on National Day of Action against SB1070 – Thursday, July 29, 2010; also click on NNIRR’s Immigrant Rights News blog]

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling yesterday temporarily halting select provisions of Arizona’s SB1070 is a good start towards defeating the controversial legislation. Unfortunately, the ruling leaves intact the status quo of anti-immigrant racial profiling and immigration-police collaboration, and sets the groundwork for heightened harassment and arrests of immigrants.

Many mobilizations in cities around the country to protest SB1070 on the date of its enactment, July 29, will proceed as planned.

The ruling let stand a section on day laborers in which police will be allowed to charge persons with “harboring and transporting” immigrants who have no valid immigration documents.

The ruling suspended implementation of several widely-criticized sections of SB1070, including:

• Requiring an officer to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested if there’s reasonable suspicion about their status.
• Criminalizing the failure to apply for or carry “alien-registration papers.”
• Criminalizing undocumented immigrants who solicit, apply for or perform work.
• Prohibiting the warrantless arrest of a person where there is probable cause to believe they have committed a public offense that makes them deportable from the United States.

The remaining sections of SB1070, set to become law Thursday, July 29, continue criminalizing persons who “look” or “sound” immigrant, and Arizona police will be able to continue harassing and detaining people for immigration status.

As SB1070 now stands, immigrant families, workers and communities will be more vulnerable to abuse, violence and exploitation at the hands of hate groups and other unscrupulous police, landlords, businesses and employers. Additionally, the temporary halt of select provisions of SB1070 will embolden other states and localities to attempt passing copy-cat laws and ordinances.

NNIRR and its members are urging the Obama Administration to take action to stop all provisions of SB1070, and to end all immigration-police collaboration programs around the country. These programs help foster SB1070 and other similar state proposals.

Instead of expanding federal funding of immigration policing and border militarization, or allowing Arizona and other states to use federal stimulus monies on immigration policing, NNIRR will be pressing the Administration and Congress to invest in living wage job creation, expanding social, health and education services and programs that provide for community health and safety for all.

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Key websites for information and connections to campaigns and work against SB-1070:
• Coalición de Derechos Humanos, Tucson, AZ:
• Puente Movement, National Day Laborer Organizing Network (Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA):
• Presente.Org:
• Sound Strike:

For a list of actions July 29, 2010, visit the NNIRR blog:

Partial list of events and media contacts for National Day of Action against SB1070

Phoenix, AZ
* Thursday, July 29: Rally at Wells Fargo, 9am; 1st Ave. and Washington
Rally at the 4th Ave. jail, 4pm; 4th Ave. and Madison
Sponsored by Alto Arizona and others

Tucson, AZ

* Thursday, July 29 5:30am: Calpolli Teoxicalli Sunrise Ceremony followed by Interfaith service AT PRESIDIO PARK (Tucson City Hall)
* July 29 8:00am: Demonstration begins with vigil and program, starting at the State Building on corner of Congress and Granada.
* July 29 4:00pm: ALL WORKERS OUT!

Contact: Kathryn Rodriguez at (520) 770-1373 Email:
Coalición de Derechos Humanos, Tucson, AZ:


Charlotte, North Carolina

* Thursday, July 29, 2010, 6:30 pm:
Charlotte United: A Coalition of Community Partners, will host a rally and live theater performance, followed by a candlelight prayer vigil.
Marshal Park (555 S McDowell St Charlotte, NC 28204)

Contact: Roxana Bendezú or Stacey Bonilla 704-264-4444 or 704-737-7124
Roxanabendezu@ and Stacey.bonilla@


Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh, NC: 5pm July 29th:

* July 29 at 5 p.m.
Gathering at Nash Square, at the corner of Dawson and Hargett, to march through downtown Raleigh to the State Capitol

Contact: Fernando Mejia (English and Spanish), mobile 208-830-0313, or Jeff Shaw (English), mobile 503-551-3615,
Plus: Ada Volkmer, Coalición de Organizaciones Latino Americanas, (828) 713-5124,


New York

* Thursday, July 29:
9:30am Gather at Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn and march across Brooklyn Bridge
11:00am Press Conference & Rally at Foley Square in Manhattan

Contact: Monami Maulik, DRUM: Desis Rising Up & Moving (347) 385-9113; Janis Rosheuvel, Families for Freedom,, (646) 290-5551


Oakland, CA

* Thursday, July 29, 2010 :
12:00 pm, Rally and protest in front of Federal Building in Oakland
3:00 pm, At Oakland’s Fruitvale BART Station Plaza

Contact: East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (510) 540-5296 ask for Manuel
Plus: Andrea Mercado, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, (510) 205-3684


Jackson, MS

* Thursday July 29, 12pm:
Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) will host a news conference in Room 113 at the Mississippi State Capitol.

Contact MIRA (601) 968- 5182.


Providence, RI

* Thursday, July 29:
Rally at 4:30 in the park behind the Armory (between Cranston and Westminster Streets, in Dexter Park) in Providence.

Contact Shannah Kurland, Olneyville Neighborhood Association, (401) 228-8996


Los Angeles, CA

* Wednesday the 28th at 5:00 PM:
Protests and Press Conference in LA to STOP Arizona SB1070!
Downtown LA Federal building: 300 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

* Bus to Boycott Arizona
Southern California Immigration Coalition- SCIC is going to Arizona.

Contact: (323) 602-3425


San Francisco, CA

* Thursday, July 29, 2010:
11:00 am: Press conference and Rally with S.F. Day Labor Program and the Women’s Collective to pressure California Attorney General Jerry Brown to opt out San Francisco from the “Secure Communities” program.
In front of Attorney General Jerry Brown's San Francisco office, 455 Golden Gate Ave.
5:30 p.m. Rally and protest at corner of 16th and Mission in San Francisco

Contact Renee Saucedo at, (415) 553-3404.