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Don’t Let Trump Make Immigrants Victims of COVID-19

(Mar. 27) Last October, Alfredo Espinoza was working at a restaurant in Spokane, Washington, when he was picked up by Border Patrol agents who had been tipped off that an undocumented worker was there. Read more >

Pandemics Close Borders—And Keep Them Closed

(Mar. 25, 2020) "THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS!” President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday morning. He offered no additional context, but it’s safe to assume the “this” in his tweet was the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. In recent months, his administration has taken progressive action to strengthen borders and travel controls in response to the virus. Read more >

Demand health, human and civil rights protections for migrant communities in the wake of Covid-19!

As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic worsens by the day, we are deeply concerned for migrant communities in the U.S. and across the globe who are further endangered by draconian policies and enforcement practices that threaten community health and exacerbate the consequences of this crisis on immigrant families. Read more >

Immigration advocates call on Barr to halt migrant prosecutions amid coronavirus outbreak

Immigration advocates are calling on Attorney General  Read more >

Coronavirus Is Spreading across Borders, But It Is Not a Migration Problem

As public-health officials race to keep the coronavirus (COVID-19) from becoming a full-blown global pandemic, governments around the world have been  Read more >

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12 changes to the US immigration system during the coronavirus pandemic

Washington (CNN) As the United States responds to the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has made sweeping changes to the country's immigration apparatus, altering daily operations and disrupting the lives of thousands.

In a little over a week, there have been a dozen changes, ranging from postponing immigration hearings to pausing deportation flights to certain countries and suspending refugee admissions. The tweaks to the system are being made incrementally, though rapidly, as the pandemic spreads across the country.

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak, the Trump administration is also trying to move forward with some of its most restrictionist policies that have struggled to be put into practice, including blocking entry to asylum seekers. Read more >

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