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BRIDGE: Building a Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy. A Popular Education Resource for Immigrant and Refugee Community Organizers

Print version sold out. CD version available: $20 + $3.50 shipping/handling | PDF Download: $12

BRIDGE is a popular education resource of exercise and tools for immigrant and refugee community organizations, and other allies of immigrants and refugees.

The original 320-page manual published in 2004 is no longer available in hard copy - but the CD version is available and very convenient to use, bookmarked and easy to download and print handout pieces! Or you can opt to purchase a digital copy via PDF download (3.4 MB file). Read more >

International Migrant Rights & Global Justice

Migration is a global phenomenon, and NNIRR emphasizes the need for international efforts and cooperation to effectively respond to the broader challenges around immigration and address "root causes." Read more >

Films and Multi-Media Resources

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Interns summer 2015

Interns summer 2015

Major Party Positions

2017 Update: Following the 2016 election, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. 

2016 Update: Now that both party conventions have come to a close, each party has released their official platform and made their individual presidential nominees. See NNIRR's Political Party Comparison Chart to learn about the official Republican and Democratic immigration positions.
It is important to read about these platforms, as they often affect the policies of the presidential candidates. To learn more about each party's convention, see below for coverage of the convention highlights.


The Democratic National Convention began in chaos with the release of an unfortunate email scandal. However, the DNC continued with a full schedule of speakers despite the initial disruption. Some star speakers include Michelle Obama, Bernie SandersTim Kaine, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and President Obama. On day 2 of the convention, The Democratic Party released their official party platform, where details about their immigration policy may be found on pages 16-17. Additionally, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for President. Read her full speech nomination speech here.


As of July 21st, the 2016 GOP Convention officially came to a close. From the protesters who built a wall outside the conventionto the #NeverTrump disruptionto allegations of plagiarism against Melania Trumpto selecting Mike Pence as Mr. Trump's official running mateto Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump, and Trump's official acceptance of the Republican Presidential Nomination, the convention was not without surprises. Especially relevant to immigration, is the official Republican Party Platform, which was released on day 2 of the convention. Details about the Republican immigration policy may be found under the heading "Immigration and Rule of Law".

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