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Protests Target Obama's Push on Secure Communities Program

Immigration advocacy groups plan to crank up their fight against a controversial federal immigration enforcement program Tuesday with rallies in six major U.S. cities.

One such rally, in Chicago, is planned outside President Obama’s national campaign headquarters, coordinators say. They say will be delivering “thousands of petitions” opposing the program, known as “Secure Communities,” to the president’s campaign office and other locations.
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DHS to Pursue 'Secure Communities' Deportation Plans

August 5, 2011 Read more >

End S-COMM: The first step to restoring our rights & getting accountability

When our communities demand public safety and full righ

Community's Urgent Response Action Stopped ICE from Deporting Youth

NNIRR’s urgent response calls had a double impact: Read more >

Who's responsible for the massacre of migrants?

Who's responsible for the massacre of migrants?
Placing the massacre at the feet of U.S. Immigration Control and Trade Policies

Migrant workers continue paying a heavy price as a result of the volatile mixture of the U.S. militarization of immigration control and border communities, the criminalization of migration, the expansion of NAFTA or “free” trade under the “Merida Initiative,” a war on drugs and national security. Read more >

Human Rights Protests Interrupt Scheduled Raids on First Day of SB 1070

Human Rights Protests Interrupt Scheduled Raids on First Day of SB 1070
Sheriff Retaliates with Targeted Wrongful Arrest of Salvador Reza, Leader of the Puente Movement
At Initial Hearing Prosecutor and Judge Agree, “I can find no probable cause” for this arrest.

For Immediate Release (July 31, 2010)
Chris Newman, NDLON. (323) 380-2784
Opal Tometi, Puente. (602) 349-1073

Phoenix, AZ. July 31, 2010. Read more >

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