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Trans women may now be held in women’s facilities, immigration officials say

U.S. immigration officials on Monday announced transgender detainees will for the first time be able to be housed in detention facilities that match their gender identity. Read more >

I interrupted Obama because we need to be heard

Pride celebrations of the LGBTQ community are taking place throughout the nation. The community takes great pride in celebrating our diversity and the progress we have made throughout the years. Read more >

Obama officials revise immigrant detention policy

Under fierce pressure from Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates, the Obama administration said Wednesday that it would take steps to minimize the controversial practice of detaining immigrant women and children who cross the southern border. Read more >

Anatomy of a Texas Prison Uprising

Until late February, ten Kevlar tents and a few adjacent buildings housed nearly 3,000 inmates in a south Texas prison called the Willacy County Correctional Center. The Raymondville facility near the Mexico border was known by most inmates as "Ritmo," a nod to the notorious prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read more >

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