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Obama’s immigration orders face dim outlook at federal court

The Obama administration faces an uphill battle on Friday when it seeks to convince a panel of federal judges to let the president’s executive actions on immigration take effect. 

The same two Republican-appointed judges who denied an earlier administration attempt to lift a hold on Obama’s immigration actions will hear arguments at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. 
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Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2016 Elections

Eighteen politicians have already announced their intentions to become President of the United States. Over the next seventeen months, as the candidates pave their roads to the White House, we can be sure to hear a score of immigration-related topics and proposals--just as we have heard an often-convoluted ranting about immigration in the national news these past couple of weeks. Read more >

Results from a Nationwide Survey of DACA Recipients Illustrate the Program’s Impact

In June, the  Read more >

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