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Advocates push to end detention of illegal LGBT immigrants -- and then all illegal immigrants

When he was 12, Branndon Gonzalez’s parents put his belongings in a big plastic bag outside their house and changed the locks. The young transgender, born a girl nicknamed Auxi, left that home and, later, his country, El Salvador. Read more >

Geo Lawsuit Alleging Forced Labor of Immigrant Detainees Moves Forward

Update below: In a move that could have resounding consequences for corrections practices and the for-profit prison industry in particular, a Denver federal judge has refused to dismiss a laws Read more >

Graves of Shame

[Published July 2, 2015] In the summer of 2013, a team of forensic anthropologists from Baylor University and the University of Indianapolis descended upon Sacred Heart Cemetery, a small, county-run graveyard in rural Brooks County. Small metal markers with the words “Unknown” or “Skeletal Remains” were scattered through the dusty grass and along the cemetery access roads. Read more >

Swift Release for Detained Migrants

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson took a step in the right direction last month when he announced “substantial changes” in how the department treats migrant families taken into custody along the southern bor Read more >

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