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Biden win revives immigration talk

President-elect Joe Biden Read more >

Judge rules DACA suspension invalid, Homeland Security head in office illegally

Chad Wolf took office unlawfully, says federal court judge, therefore could not suspend program that shields young people from deportation Read more >

Trump officials unveil new U.S. citizenship test, as advocates worry it is too long, difficult and politicized

The Trump administration unveiled a new U.S. citizenship test Friday, adding a broader array of history and civics themes while requiring that legal residents answer twice as many questions correctly to pass. Read more >

NNIRR Co-Director Alma Maquitico on KPFA Up Front: The Biden Administration & Immigration

Alma Maquitico speaks with KPFA radio host Brian Edwards-Tiekert: "What the Biden Administration can do now: Immigration and the refugee crisis"

Read more >

A New Vision for Immigration

Once in office, Joe Biden must immediately work toward a system where immigrants aren’t treated as criminals. Read more >

Factbox: Here are six things Joe Biden will likely do on immigration

[Nov. 7, 2020] (Reuters) - When he enters the White House, Joe Biden will likely seek to reverse much of President Donald Trump’s immigration legacy and push ahead with his own agenda. Read more >

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