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Massive Deaths in Border Desert Caused by US Immigration Policy

Today's BuzzFlash at Truthout commentary is an interview with Robert Neustadt – a professor of Spanish at Northern Arizona University - who cofounded Border Songs, a group that supports saving the lives of migrants from Mexico who often perish from the harsh desert conditions trying to make it into Arizona. Read more >

Obama Wants $1 Billion to Curb Central American Immigration

President Barack Obama wants to spend $1 billion to help curb illegal immigration from three Central American countries, according to the president's budget request.

The request was outlined in the president's $4 trillion budget request sent to Congress Monday. Read more >

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Safety for immigrant victims put on hold by U-visa delay

Rosa was 14 when her stepfather started raping her and 15 when she became pregnant with his child.

Before she had the baby, he drove her from Modesto to her native Mexico, dropping her off alone in Tijuana. Read more >

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Immigration Rules in Bahamas Sweep Up Haitians

Kenson Timothee was walking down the street when a uniformed officer asked him a question that sends Bahamians of Haitian descent like him into a panic these days: Do you have a passport? Read more >

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