Pass the Dream Act Now!


Join supporters around the country today and send a message to Congress to pass the #DreamActNOW

Every delay moves DACA recipients closer to deportation as the Trump Administration "winds down" the DACA program, with a projected end date of March 5, 2018.

Click here to access contact information for your congressional representatives.

Urge them to push for an immediate and affirmative vote on the Dream Act.

Already, DACA recipients are being "held hostage" to a hostile immigration agenda from the Administration and conservative legislators. But DREAM activists themselves have been clear that they want a "clean" Dream Act that is not a bargaining chip for passage of heightened, punitive immigration enforcement.

Check out this video of United We Dream activists and supporters at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington last week!

Democrats have said they will not entertain the must-pass spending bill without action on the Dream Act. The spending bill itself includes funding for Trump's enforcement machinery--including allocations that would support the deportation of Dreamers, their families, and other undocumented community members.

Make your call today

And keep calling!

You can also send a message by going to

Click here for more information about the status of DACA and the Dream Act of 2017.

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Thank you for taking action!



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