Popular Education & Training Tools


Grounded in popular education methods and philosophies, NNIRR has worked to build tools and spaces to share our experiences, understand those of others, share strategies, and develop collective visions for a better world.

Here we offer access to the variety of NNIRR educational resources:


BRIDGE * Building a Race & Immigration Dialogues in the Global Economy *

NNIRR's landmark popular education curriculum BRIDGE (Building a Race & Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy), offers a series of educational modules to help facilitate community discussions on the social justice issues that intersect with immigrant rights. 

To support popular education-based community dialogue, we also offer several stand-alone modules and facilitation guides for free download.


Film and media are a powerful way to convey messages and get conversations started in communities about difficult topics. NNIRR has provided a listing of 20 current films that deal with different aspects of immigration in the U.S. and causes of migration from a global perspective. NNIRR has provided a discussion guide, as well as brief synopsis of films with additional questions pertaining to each particular film and topic.


Test your knowledge and assumptions about immigration! This quiz is a great way to facilitate discussion and expand understanding on immigration and immigration policy. Available in English & en Español


NNIRR published resources that provide analysis, historical framework and trends in immigration policy and intersecting issues, such as climate change and the environmental push factors that contribute to migration, gender issues and international global migration.


NNIRR has created resources for communities to advocate for rights and just policy at the local, regional and national level. We have an up-to-date legislative tracker that provides basic information on pending bills and who is sponsoring them in Congress, and we also provide a tool-kit for organizers, community groups, educators and activists with our Building Immigrant Community Power Through Legislative Advocacy