Education & Capacity Building


The Education and Capacity Building Program works to create a multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual and anti-oppression movement led by those bearing the brunt of the effects of injustice and oppression: low-income immigrant and refugee communities themselves.

Grounded in popular education methods and philosophies, the Education and Capacity Building Program develops spaces to share our experiences, understand those of others, share strategies, and develop collective visions for a better world.

Key components include:

  • Building a Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Era (BRIDGE). The BRIDGE curriculum is a set of popular education tools and exercises designed to engage immigrant and refugee community members in dialogue about racism, labor, migration and global economic structures in relation to migration. Click here to read a description of the eight BRIDGE modules.

  • Immigrant and Refugee Rights Training Institutes (IRRTI). National and regional trainings provide a space for community organizers and leaders to develop their skills and analyses as popular education facilitators in the context of movement building. Click here to read a report from the amazing Southeast regional IRRTI that took place in North Carolina in 2007.

  • The BRIDGE Popular Education Trainers’ Circle provides referrals and peer support, develops new workshops and modules, and shares best practices through a national network of popular educators in the movement.



Building Immigrant Community Power Through Legislative Advocacy

This workshop for BRIDGE was created as a tool for organizers, community groups, educators, activists and leaders to support our work to affect and shape the change we want to see. Focused on work at the federal level, the popular education elements of this module can easily be applied to our work at state and local levels. Developed by Rosita Choy and Eunice Cho with input and support from community groups, advocates and activists throughout the country.